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Reference One: Pegasus
Reference Two: Cerberus
Reference Three: The Valkyries
Reference Four: Hydra
Reference Five: Ares/ Mars
Reference Six: Jupiter/ Zeus
Reference Seven: Odin
Reference Eight: The Norns
Reference Nine: Athena/ Minerva

From Asuka and Rei of Evangelion

This is my project!!
So welcome and what do you think? This is for Mr Cloke's assignment so thank him for my handy work. Navigate by the bar on the left of your screen. Enjoy your stay! Note the awesomeness of my cursor.

For my class, we have a project to find mythological references in modern times, like today. So I ventured here and began my quest.
These last few weeks have been grueling for this web page. Some day I would upload and fix everything I could think of. Other days...I just messed around with some text and maybe a picture if I so felt.
With this whole page, I know it's not 14 references...but I tried. It was hard because I tried to do ones that no one else would. Not like Cerberus or Mars, but like the Norns and Valkyries. That's also because I love Norse mythology a lot. But I put in time and effort...that's all I can say.
But overall, I did the best I could. Seeing as how I spent about a day on each feels good to know I did my best work.
Let's just hope Mr. Cloke thinks so.... And please add a comment! It makes me happy! >>>>

From the online MMOPRG Ragnarok
calendar2004_end.jpg cute!

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