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Reference Eight: The Norns

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The Norns

In Norse mythology, the Norns are usually represented as three maidens who spin or weave the fate of people. They are depicted as living by Yggdrasill, the World Tree.
There is the goddess of the past (Urd), the goddess of the present (Verdandi), and the goddess of the future (Skuld).

3 Fate Sisters
From the Disney Movie "Hercules"

The Norns
A painting by Arthur Rackham, 1910

                                                    The Norns
Three sisters, each a fate decrees
                                    for each a share of time to cast
                                    in keeping all eternities
                                    	the future, present, past
                                    The first and youngest, future new
                                    a golden spindle in her hands
                                    the veiled mage, this maiden true
                                    	for none know where she stands
                                    The present, sister, mother, mage
                                    the golden threads of life she holds
                                    untouched, she stands, this day and age
                                    	to face what now unfolds
                                    The crone, the oldest, and the last
                                    with scissors gold to cut the thread,
                                    her face turned back to watch the past,
                                    	and what is gone and dead.
                                    The guardians of time and age
                                    to each we turn our fate at last
                                    remember well each sister mage
                                    	the future, present, past.
                                    Poem  1996 Angela Cooke. 

3 Goddesses
From Ah! My Goddess

Ah! My Goddess- The Norns
Click this image to see original size!!

Click here to view the painting "Norns-Keepers of the Zeitgeist". WARNING! It does show nude females, but the representation of the Norns is lovely and truely descriptive.

Norns- Ragnarok The Manga
From Myung Jin Lee's manga Ragnarok

Click here to view the lyrics of the song "Fate Of Norns" by Amon Amarth!!!

So this page was pretty difficult to accomplish. The Ragnarok especially! But I like the paintings I was able to find, those were really neat. The Norns are probably some of my favorite characters from Norse mythology.