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Reference Two: Cerberus

Reference One: Pegasus
Reference Two: Cerberus
Reference Three: The Valkyries
Reference Four: Hydra
Reference Five: Ares/ Mars
Reference Six: Jupiter/ Zeus
Reference Seven: Odin
Reference Eight: The Norns
Reference Nine: Athena/ Minerva


Cerberus, companion to Hades in the Underworld. He guards the gates with a vicious tendency and keeps the spirits in check. He has appeared in many areas and his name is sunonimous with three-headed dogs all over the world.

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Appearing in the wildly popular novel series Harry Potter, this lovable three-headed dog known as Fluffy has grasped the minds of young readers and introduced them into mythology without them even knowing it.

Hello Kitty
Don't tell me you didn't see this coming...

Kingdom Hearts- Battle of Cerberus

Kingdom Hearts

Why, is that Donald Duck, Goofy and Sora?!

Yes it is my friends, and this is the infamous Cerberus battle from Kingdom Hearts, a Playstation 2 game released by Square Enix. As you play through the Hercules world, you must face Cerberus to prove you are indeed a hero.

In the Final Fantasy series in the not-so-epic number eight. He is vicious and if you handle the battle well, he will join your party as a GF or Guardian Force. Note in the picture he is behid a gate, which he protects in the underworld.

Battle of Cerberus- Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8

Cerberus/ Kero-Chan- Anime: CardCaptor Sakura

(usually referred to as Kero-chan)

Cerberus is the Guardian of the Seal, sleeping when Sakura opens The Clow and releases all of the cards. When the family is not at home, Cerberus is often playing one of Sakura's video games. Although Cerberus does not need to eat, it has an affection for snacks and sweets. Due to the fact that The Clow had been in Osaka, Osaka prefecture for a long time, Cerberus speaks in an Osaka accent. Cerberus appears in two different forms, the smaller of which is referred to as simply "Kero-chan". He is based on Cerberus, from Greek mythology.

Click this paragraph to see the song Isshi Ni Utao, from the anime CardCaptor Sakura. It's sung by Cerberus (Hisakawa Aya), and it's Kero-Chan theme song.

Dante Vs. Cerberus
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Dante meets Cerberus
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In Capcom's Playstation 2 game: Devil May Cry 3, the main character Dante encounters a boss battle with Cerberus who isn't going down without a fight. The image is a bit blurry, but it's in the middle of a battle so forgive me. You can make out Cerberus' traditional three heads if you look close enough.

Cerberus- A Painting
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^^^^^This painting, done by a woman named Jennifer Kirby, created this picture after she took three pictures of her dog's head. She titled it Cerberus and I say it does the name justice.

This is a poem describig the Underworld; I underlined the word Cerberus just to let you see the reference.
First published in London in November 1917 and reprinted in February 1918 The Muse in Arms:
by Robert Graves

...But I was dead, an hour or more:
I woke when I'd already passed the door
That Cerberus guards and half-way down the road
To Lethe, as an old Greek sign-post showed.
Above me, on my stretcher swinging by,
I saw new stars in the sub-terrene sky,
A Cross, a Rose in Bloom, a Cage with Bars,
And a barbed Arrow feathered with fine stars.
I felt the vapours of forgetfulness
Float in my nostrils: Oh, may Heaven bless
Dear Lady Proserpine, who saw me wake
And, stooping over me, for Henna's sake
Cleared my poor buzzing head and sent me back
Breathless, with leaping heart along the track.
After me roared and clattered angry hosts
Of demons, heroes, and policeman-ghosts.
"Life, life! I can't be dead, I won't be dead:
Damned if I'll die for any one," I said...
Cerberus stands and grins above me now,
Wearing three heads, lion and lynx and sow.
"Quick, a revolver! but my Webley's gone,
Stolen... no bombs... no knife... (the crowd swarms on,
Bellows, hurls stones)... not even a honeyed sop...
Nothing... Good Cerberus... Good dog... but stop!
Stay!... a great luminous thought... I do believe
There's still some morphia that I bought on leave."
Then swiftly Cerberus' wide mouths I cram
With Army biscuit smeared with Tickler's jam;
nd Sleep lurks in the luscious plum and apple.
He crunches, swallows, stiffens, seems to grapple
With the all-powerful poppy... then a snore,
A crash; the beast blocks up the corridor
With monstrous hairy carcase, red and dun -
Too late: for I've sped through.

O Life! O Sun!

This page was my first one so you can see the obvious problems with it. But I am very fond of Cerberus so it's no wonder that he was my first page. Something about giant three-headed dogs makes me happy.