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Reference One: Pegasus

Reference One: Pegasus
Reference Two: Cerberus
Reference Three: The Valkyries
Reference Four: Hydra
Reference Five: Ares/ Mars
Reference Six: Jupiter/ Zeus
Reference Seven: Odin
Reference Eight: The Norns
Reference Nine: Athena/ Minerva


Pegsus a mythological beast, who looks like a horse but has wings sprouting from his back. He was Bellerophon's companion until he rode to high and died, and Pegasus was kept on Mt. Olympus in the stable.

Pegasus with Chibi-Usa

Chibi-Usa with Pegasus again

From the popular anime, Sailor Moon, the second youngest sailor scout, Chibi-Usa, finds a friend in the Pegasus known as Helios, who contributes to their magical powers.

Pegasus: Yu-Gi-Oh anime
Click this version to see the larger image!

>>  From the popular anime and card game Yu-Gi-Oh, the first vilian introduced name Maximillian Pegasus is an evil man with the power of a millenium item as well. He is one of the main characters in the first season of the anime, yet is not too popular in the manga.

Seiya - Pegasus Bronze Saint

< The main character, Seiya who is from the anime Saint Seiya, holds the powers of the constellation of the Pegasus and can envoke it's powers.

Armored Pegasus- Magic

The pegasus to the left is from the popular CCG (collectiable card game) Magic: The Gathering and the Pegasus appears many times. >>

Click here to view the lyrics to Olivia Newton-John's lyrics for her song "Pegasus"!!

Click here to view the words to the poem "Pegasus in Pound" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow!!

Pegasus- Dragon Quest 6
Click it to see actual size!

<< From the classic Super Nintendo RPG Dragon Quest 6, you must fight evil foes to recieve Pegasus and it's ability to take you and your party to the Underworld whenever you wish. In the picture, look in the middle and at the top to see the mighty beast.

Pegasus- Disney movie "Hercules"

Disney created a movie about the life of Hercules, and how could they not include the Pegasus? Notice the great high-fiving action. >>>


This page was fun to do. All of the ideas were there and the most challenging part was putting everything together on the page so that it looked okay. I probably could have gotten all of my references from Magic, but then...that's kinda boring.