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Reference Six: Jupiter/ Zeus

Reference One: Pegasus
Reference Two: Cerberus
Reference Three: The Valkyries
Reference Four: Hydra
Reference Five: Ares/ Mars
Reference Six: Jupiter/ Zeus
Reference Seven: Odin
Reference Eight: The Norns
Reference Nine: Athena/ Minerva

Jupiter/Zeus and his symbol

The King of the Gods in Greek and Roman mythology, Zeus was powerful and awe inspiring. Living on Mt. Olympus, he is content and fair to all humanity. Portrayed as a large man with white flowing hair and a beard, his supposed image is seen everywhere.

Sailor Jupiter- Sailor Moon anime
Click this version to see the original size!!

Known as Lita in the American version, Sailor Jupiter is the tallest and in my opinion, coolest and strongest. All of her attacks include the word "thunder", but it's funny how they are all with lightning...

Zeus from Disney Animation- Hercules

Big, white hair, and kind to all; it must be Zeus. Here he is from the Disney movie Hercules.>
> > > >

Click here to see the poem "Let Zeus" by H.D!! Biography on the bottom of the page!!

The dice of Zeus always fall luckily.
Sophocles- A notable quote by a notable man.

"Hera and Zeus" by Yolanda Chetwynd
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Click here to see the lyrics to Skullview's lyrics "Hand of Zeus"!!!

Click here to hear Simpsons Zeus!!

Kira Yuuki is a 15 year old boy whose only wish is to be a normal teenager. However, because he is a special type of his species, Kira is wanted by others for the power he can bring. Mythological rererences away! This isn't so popular here in the States though...Story and Art by You Higuri.

Zeus the Manga

So long from Jupiter!

So this my Zeus site. Yummy I think. Not too bad anyway. I don't know if I really like Zeus or not. He a pimp of sorts, and I don't know how that makes me feel. I know I like Sailor Jupiter. Maybe she's a happy medium.