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Reference Seven: Odin

Reference One: Pegasus
Reference Two: Cerberus
Reference Three: The Valkyries
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Reference Seven: Odin
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Odin is considered to be the supreme god of Norse mythology. He is god of both wisdom and war. He is also known as being the god of poetry, victory, and the hunt.

Odin Summoned- Final Fantasy 9
From the Playstaion one Squaresoft game- Odin

Odin Summoned- Final Fantasy 8
From the Playstaion one Squaresoft game

So to the left <<<< we have Odin from FF 9, where he look is updated once again. To the right, >>>> from FF 8...not too bad. And don't forget to read below them for the poem!

Song for Odin

I sing of the tales of The Wanderer
The rider of Yggdrasill
He gave up an eye into Mimir’s Well
Where deeply, he drank his fill.

For nine long nights, Old Hárr, hung he
In search of the spoken spell;
The Runes that he found drew sounds for man
And down, from The Tree, he fell.

A snake, he slid through Gunnlođ’s court;
The Mead of Poetry sought;
Three sips, and he fled as eagle’s wing;
By Suttung, was never caught.

Two sticks on a beach Hárbarđ had found;
His brothers heard his call;
He gave his own breath and his blood to the wood
And told them of his hall:

“Valhalla holds the Einherjar
“Who’ll fight on Vigriđ plain.”
As Fenrir sinks his fangs to the bone
The life of Odin will wane.

Fear not, my kin, of the Ragnarók,
For Fimbultýr truly has won;
He saw his own death at the end of time
And whispered this to his son.


© Karl Donaldsson

Below here is a link, don't miss it! And then below that is Odin from FF 6, or at least the concept art by Yoshitaka Amano (he is my favorite artist...or at least one of...)

Click here to view the poem "Descent of Odin" by Thomas Gray!!!!

Odin Concept Art- Final Fantasy 6
From the Super Nintendo Squaresoft game

Odin Summoned- Final Fantasy 7
From the Playstaion one Squaresoft game

Had enough?- Red XIII

To the left is FF 7 and Odin. Looking a little choppy, but come on it was 1997 and on the PSOne. Isn't Red XIII cute! And below us, don't miss out on a link and another FF picture, this time from Tactics and superb strategy game from Squaresoft.

Odin Concept Art- Final Fantasy Tactics
From the Playstaion one Squaresoft game

Click here to view the lyrics "Odin" by LOUDNESS!!

So aside from lyrics and poems, this whole page is mainly about how Odin rules the games known as Final Fantasy. Although I didn't put them on here, he also appeard in 4 and 5 as well. And in most of these pictures, he is obvisouly riding his infamous six legged horse. I think most of the pictures I have of Odin, he has both eyes...maybe they over-looked that.