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Reference Five: Ares/ Mars

Sailor Mars
From the popualr anime series Sailor Moon

On the far left we have Rei or Sailor Mars from the very popular anime series Sailor Moon. In the middle we have the rising anime/manga series Mars about a bad boy and a good girl falling in love.

From the popualr manga-turned-anime series Mars

Gundam Ares
From the popular anime series Gundam Wing

Very popular CCG Yu-Gi-oh has another cool card, yet I cannot tell you what it does, due to it's Japanese and what not. And then to the right we have the Gundam Ares from the Gundam Wing series! Don't skip over the poem and lyrics while you're here too!!

The Agent of Force - Mars
From the popualr ccg Yu-Gi-Oh!

Click here to see the poem "Momus, God of Laughter" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox!!!

Sammy Hagar- Marching to Mars
Here we go marching to Mars
On a rainbow bridge
It doesn't seem so far
Steppin' into our universe
Moving towards life
To solve the problems on Earth
Everybody's marching to Mars
Gonna settle down there
Get me a house and a car
Save each other from ourselves
Poke our heads out of the sand
Sayin' Here I am

Marchin' to Mars
We're marchin' to Mars

Hollywood's marching to Mars
For a grand new movie
With some brand new stars
Plastered on the silver scren
Gonna bring it on home
So you won't have to leave

Is there life in the universe
Yeah, there's life in the universe
We'll find God in the universe
We'll find God but we'll find life first

Marchin' to Mars
Marchin' to Mars
We're marchin' to Mars
Marchin' to Mars

Here  we have the old anime "God Mars" from the 1980's; it's great how I found this picture on a Spanish T.V. station page.

God Mars
From the 1981 anime "God Mars"

Click here to see scenes from the Capcom game "Ares No Tsubasa - The Legendary Soldiers"!!

Another page that just kinda popped into my head. Except this one was kind of hard...I didn't really think it would be, but there's not too much on the God of War...which you think there would be.....

The End
From Sailor Mars