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Reference Nine: Athena/ Minerva


Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom, strategy, and war associated by the Romans as Minerva, is attended by an owl, carried a goatskin shield called the Aegis given to her by her father and is accompanied by the goddess of victory, Nike.

So from the cartoon Animaniacs, comes Minerva Mink. Bad things happen when you search for her. Than to the bottom left is Project Minerva, a Japanese-release only video game and to the right we have the words to a poem, written by someone unamed.

Minerva Mink
From the cartoon Animaniacs

Project Minerva
A Japanese only PS2 release


She is one with nature
She is one with man
She is one with creatures
She is one with all
She oversees war
Because she is the Goddess of war
Beautiful and strong
Reluctant and powerful
Keeps watch over the world
For any wars
She rides on a horse of white
She wears armor of steel
She bears sword of metal
And shield of steel
She can be one with war
Athena the all powerful
Goddess of war
She is one with war
And one with all.
Author unknown

Minerva By Sir Edward John Poynter
Click here to view the original image!!!

From the PSOne game- Lunar SSSC

PSOne game- Lunar SSSC

To the left we have a painting by a famous Sir Edward, I like the colors. And to the right we have Athena (yea!!) from one of my favorite RPGs Lunar! She's a little scantily clad, but she's so cool that we can forgive her.

Athena- Twilight of Days
CD cover from the German band Athena

Sienna- Saint Seiya the Anime Series
Princess Sienna is the reincanation of the goddess Athena, click for link!!!

<<< Athena, a German band rocking the name I suppose. >>>> To the right, the reincarnation of Minerva from the anime series Saint Seiya. And below us a gorgeous pastel painting.

Minerva - By Luigi Galligani
Click this picture to see link!!!

So, this page is cool. I really wanted to use the background with stars and thought why not. I was especially happy to include Lunar. By the way SSSC stands fro Silver Star Story Complete and yes, that is it's original title. ^_^

Ja- ne!